Catch and Cook



Who would have thought that people would have traveled from as far away as Upper Pakenham to go on a yabby expedition here in Goornong.

A busload of highly-spirited hunter-gatherers, mostly from Melbourne set out on their mission on Saturday the 15th March as part of the Regional Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, the theme for the festival this year being “WATER”.

Hosted by Bridgeward Grove Olives & Art, the event was a great success. Many of the Melbournians had never seen a yabby let alone caught one, cooked one and eaten one. Other participants were revisiting their childhood experiences of yabbying and enjoyed doing it for old time sake with their children and/or grandchildren.

The event started with olive and oil tasting. A luncheon of signature Howard lamb burgers followed and prepared the troops for the expedition. With full stomachs the contingent trekked to English’s Bridge to see the beautiful Campaspe and then went on to “the dam”!

Thanks to Jason Carty’s Goornong bus it was a slick operation. The troops spent a couple of hours catching their haul in two teams, a bit of competition always helps add some energy to the day.

Thankfully the yabbies were biting and there was much excitement from when the first yabby was caught until the final tally was made of the day’s catch.

The yabbies were cooked back at Bridgeward Grove and the troops shelled and feasted while enjoying a cold glass of white wine from the Bendigo Wine Estate, a craft beer from the Tooborac pub or a drop of red from Meehan’s vineyard Heathcote. The yabbies were eaten traditionally; dipped in vinegar or lemon juice with salt and pepper.

There was much contentment. A great day was had by all.

Girl in red swimsuit Hot Air Ballooning
Girl in red swimsuit
Hot Air Ballooning