Sunrise Yoga in the Grove


We are so lucky to have Leading Natroupath and the very knowledgeable Sally Mathrick coming to do a yoga session in the peace of our Grove at the gorgeous hour of sunrise on Saturday the 16th of December. If you would like to join us for a relaxing session in the middle of the silly season with the option of a nutritious breakfast afterwards please come share the sunrise with us. $15 yoga $10 Breakfast 5:45 am – 7:30 am
Contact us at 54322291 or email us at

More about Sally below;

Sally has been a practicing naturopath since 2003, and qualified as yoga teacher in 2006. sally

She was certified in ISHTA yoga – yoga for everybody (in the west) and has since taught a wide range of body types. Sally original yoga teacher, Jen Norman, passed on tantric teachings blended with Asthunga vinyasa. Jen had learned from Bhattabi Jois, Osho and other spiritual masters. Since then, other teachers, learnings and experiences continue to shape Sally’s yoga instruction, keeping it fresh, interesting, and a whole vital experience for bodies, minds & beings.

Classes typically combine different types of yoga, including sun salutations, Tibetan practices, flowing vinyasa and some yin (passive relaxation) practices too. The classes encourage the harmonious flow of vital energy through your body and spaciousness in your mind, to strengthen, balance, enhance flexibility and help connection with life.

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